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Building a Thriving Nova Pioneer Community: Introducing Our Referral Reward

At Nova Pioneer, we believe in the power of a strong community in nurturing exceptional educational experiences. As we continue to grow and expand our impact, we are excited to announce our new Referral Rewards Programme, designed to harness the support and enthusiasm of our existing parents and teachers. With this initiative, we aim to grow our community by inviting their friends and family members to join the Novaneer journey, creating a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to transforming education. Join us as we explore the details and benefits of this exciting programme!


Benefits of Referring a Friend or Family Member


Our parents and teachers actively contribute to the expansion and diversity of our educational ecosystem by referring people to join the Novaneer community. By acquiring new members through reliable recommendations, we can make sure that they share Nova Pioneer’s mission, principles, and method of instruction. As a result, all Novaneers feel more united and motivated to work together, creating a positive and motivating environment. Our parents and instructors have the chance to form enduring relationships within the Nova Pioneer network by suggesting friends or family members. They have the opportunity to strengthen bonds, make new acquaintances, and work together with people who share their enthusiasm for education. Our parents and instructors actively help us spread our influence and further our common goals by encouraging friends and family to join our community.


How Does the Referral Rewards Programme Work?

  1. When the parent applies to Nova Pioneer via our website, they must state that they were referred to by you (name and surname) when they complete the ‘how did you hear about us’ section.  
  2. The referral discount will only be awarded to the family whose names are provided in the application.
  3. Only one parent / family can be specified as the referrer.
  4. The referred parent needs to successfully enrol at Nova Pioneer by completing the full admissions process (detailed below).
  5. Referred students cannot have a sibling currently or previously enrolled at Nova Pioneer. 
  6. The referral discount is awarded to the youngest child – if you have only one child at Nova Pioneer, that child will receive the discount. 
  7. The discount is non-transferable and cannot be substituted for cash or a refund/credit.
  8. The referral discount will not be applied should the student account be in arrears at the point in time that the discount is allocated.
  9. You will be entitled to a R3500 discount per referral. 
  10. In order to qualify for this incentive, a student’s spot will need to be fully secured (the full enrolment process needs to be complete – assessment, documentation, affordability checks and full application fee and full enrolment fee paid).
  11. Confirmed enrolment at Nova Pioneer will be subject to all admissions requirements. We draw your attention to the following specific requirements:
    1. Space being available in the requested grade
    2. An entry assessment completed to establish grade readiness
    3. An affordability assessment completed with financial clearance for admission granted
    4. Payment of the full enrollment fee
  12. The discount will not be applied should the student account be in arrears at the time of the January 2024 statements being sent (which is approximately end November 2023). If fees are not paid-up and the associated account is in arrears before 2024 statements are issued, the discount will NOT be applied for January 2024 tuition.
  13. In order to benefit from the offer, the student needs to be enrolled at Nova Pioneer by January 2024 (and all other conditions met).
  14. The discount cannot be applied to the enrolment fee.
  15. Should a student receive a Nova Pioneer bursary or scholarship or any other discount (with exception of a sibling discount – see below), the student will not be eligible for the referral incentive.
  16. Nova Pioneer staff do not qualify.


What does a “Successful Enrollment” look like: 


Step 1: Current family/ parent talks to a friend and tells them about Nova Pioneer.

Step 2: The prospective parent completes an online application form and in the ‘how did you hear about us’ section, they select ‘referred by a current parent’ and write the full name of the parent and student who referred them. We can only identify the family that referred you if they give us your first and last name.

Step 3: The prospective parent attends a Nova Pioneer event and the learner completes and passes an assessment. 

Step 4: The prospective parent, who is very excited about Nova Pioneer, then completes all online forms and submits required documentation before our Finance Team completes the affordability check and gives go-ahead for the enrolment fee payment.

Step 5: The prospective parent then pays the grade-relevant non-refundable enrolment fee to secure their child’s spot. 

Step 6: The referral is then flagged to our Finance Team, who will pick up the name from the original application, and ensure your account reflects the referral discount once the student has started.

Together, we can continue to shape the future of education and empower the next generation of Novaneers to become tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and change-makers. Join us and be a part of this incredible endeavour!

*Terms and conditions apply


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