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It's Sweeter When Communicated in Our Mother Tongue

Language is an integral part of our identity, connecting us to our heritage and instilling a sense of pride. At Nova Pioneer, we celebrate diversity and value the importance of native languages. Our commitment to multilingual education not only empowers our students but also fosters understanding and respect for one another’s cultures.


The Power of Native Language


At Nova Pioneer, we understand that language is more than just a means of communication; it holds the key to cultural preservation and enrichment. By offering Setswana, Isizulu, and Afrikaans as additional subjects, we enable our students to embrace their mother tongues confidently.


Fostering Confidence and Inclusivity


Our language teachers play a crucial role in helping our students rediscover their confidence. Learning in their native tongue allows children to fully engage in the learning process, paving the way for them to explore other languages with ease. It bridges gaps, making our classrooms inclusive spaces that celebrate diversity.


A Warm Welcome in Different Languages


As a truly diverse institution, Nova Pioneer proudly welcomes everyone in various languages. Whether it’s “Wamukelekile e Nova Pioneer” in isiZulu, “Jy is welkom by Nova Pioneer” in Afrikaans, or “Le amogetswe mo Nova Pioneer” in Setswana, we embrace linguistic richness as a cornerstone of our community.


Future Opportunities


We are thrilled to announce that in 2024, Nova Pioneer will offer exciting teacher positions, including roles for language instructors. If you are passionate about nurturing linguistic diversity and empowering the next generation, visit our careers page.

At Nova Pioneer, we cherish the beauty of language and its significance in shaping who we are. By nurturing multilingual education and celebrating our mother tongues, we strive to create a learning environment where every student feels valued and confident. Together, we embark on a journey that enriches minds, hearts, and the very essence of our shared humanity.

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