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Nova Pioneer students celebrate 100% Cambridge A-Level Pass Rate

Celebrating our Novaneers 100% pass rate for Cambridge A-Levels 


Students at the Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary campus elated as they celebrate a year of exceptional results.

Nova Pioneer is a pan-African independent school group that builds and operates world-class, affordable schools, offering students grades from preschool through to secondary. The school offers Cambridge, an internationally accredited curriculum, where students can write their IGSCE, AS-Level and A-Level examinations.

The A-Level year is ostensibly the equivalent of Grade 13 at secondary school level and provides students a world-recognised exit qualification to widen the scope of their university studies both locally and internationally and, depending on how they performed in their IGCSE and AS levels, gives students the opportunity to improve their options of getting into their preferred course.  

Theuns Opperman, the school leader for Nova Pioneer Ormonde Secondary, said that he was pleased with the students’ results as they, again, exceeded the national subject pass average.

“It is a pleasure to share in our students’ successes and excitement about their futures and to hear personally from them how attending Nova Pioneer has laid the foundations for  their aspirations. Their exceptional results reflect the tremendous diligence of our students and their tenacity, as well as the unstinting support and inspiration of their teachers,” said Opperman.

“We believe these results demonstrate the value in the completion of an A-Level year – who wish to apply to the top South African and international tertiary institutions, and also for those students wishing to improve on their previous year’s AS level results.”


Academic excellence a priority 


Chief Academic Officer, Rahel Wondwossen said they were proud of the results achieved by their Grade 13 class of 2021. 

“I wish to commend our students and teachers for their commitment and hard work. The results achieved this year are a testament to their hard work and dedication leading up to this point and will underpin their successful progression into the future. Many of our students have now earned the necessary grades to secure places at universities locally or internationally should that be their plan,” said Wondwossen.

“We want to see students leave Nova Pioneer with the best possible academic qualifications for them and a love of learning that will remain with them for life. We are passionate about ensuring excellent outcomes for our pupils in order to improve their life opportunities. Thus, we are exceptionally proud of what the students have achieved,” she said.


Student spotlight


Top performing 2021 student in the A-Level year, Lindokuhle Nyoka says she plans to study medicine at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and is excited about the prospect of becoming the first medical doctor in the family.

“A-Levels are not easy but through hard work, determination and a collaborative attitude, acquiring good results is possible. I am really proud of my class,” says Nyoka. 

“I also appreciated the Greater Together culture principle and how my classmates and I were able to live it out. With the help of others, I was able to grow both academically and emotionally. My classmate Leslie Mpemba helped me tremendously in the area of personal development, whilst Colbert Jansen helped me with my academics.”

Attiyah Ally, who plans to pursue a career in science, was the top performing student in the AS-Level, achieving As in English and Mathematics. She says while she is happy about her academic achievements, she is really proud of the role that she played in the Student Council as the Academic Chair.

“I have seen tremendous growth in my character through the application of the “Always Growing” culture principle. I used to feel so exasperated by the smallest faults, but now I confidently embrace my failures and mistakes as an opportunity to improve and nurture success. I have learned this through my academic work as well as my role in the student council,” said Ally.


Prepared to thrive post school


Departing Nova Pioneer students who have completed their A-Levels, leave feeling confident as they  know what they want to pursue beyond school. Wondwossen says this was made possible through the support of the Post School Success (PSS) Team and the school’s Psycho-social Support Team.

Wondwossen explains, “We established the PSS Team with the aim of equipping students with practical tools for preparation in life after school. The team supports students in understanding their options and what benefits and challenges each may come with.” 

The PSS team, in collaboration with the psycho-social support team, provides students with personalised assessments and career guidance based on each of their unique talents and skills. They also support in mentoring students as they prepare for life after school, as well as giving them assistance and direction on applying to the best tertiary learning institutions nationally and globally.

Both teams have, and continue to, support all students’ as they explore their options to study further or to pursue other paths.

“Also, it is important to note that the journey of a Nova Pioneer student does not end with their exit examinations – once a Novaneer, always a Novaneer. We look forward to engaging with our Novaneers who will now be part of Nova Pioneer’s active and networked pan-African Alumni community,” she added. 


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