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A Checklist for Choosing a Pre-Primary School

“Young children learn in a different manner from that of older children and adults, yet we can teach them many things if we adapt our materials and mode of instruction to their level of ability. But we miseducate young children when we assume that their learning abilities are comparable to those of older children and that they can be taught with materials and with the same instructional procedures appropriate to school-age children.” David Elkind-Child Psychologist

Parents naturally want to provide their children with the finest prospects in life, and for the majority of us, this begins with a good education. Learning, for our children, begins as soon as they are born, and it is our obligation to create environments that maximise their endless learning potential. 

Their educational journey begins at home, followed by preschool; the early years are quite critical, and choosing a suitable preschool usually comes with many questions. Preschool should be an extension of the home, a safe place where children can “take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, communicate their feelings, and grow.”

The Nova Pioneer vision is to transform the lives and career paths of students and equip them for success and to enable them to lead change in Africa and around the globe in the 21st century. This journey begins in our preschools where we provide a joyful and safe learning environment while ensuring that every child receives individualised interactions from caregivers and teachers. 


These are some of the concerns that most parents have before enrolling:


Are you a credible institution?


Nova Pioneer’s selection of certified and well-trained caregivers and teachers, placed in our preschools, is one of the school’s distinguishing features. While it is not mandatory within our pre-primary schools to hire a certified teacher, at Nova Pioneer we have made it a requirement. The intention is to ensure that every child’s developmental needs are met through the facilitation of well-trained educational professionals.


Are your campuses safe?


Our environment – which caregivers and teachers recognise as the third teacher – is intentionally designed to coalesce stimulation and safety for our Novaneers. The school’s Academic Team works very closely with the Nova Pioneer Property Company in defining how our schools should look and feel. Our buildings are designed not only to facilitate the learning process but safety is also an important aspect of the physical structure. We have fully trained security professionals who screen all visitors before they enter the school. All of our campuses have an Operations Team and a Health and Safety Committee that collaborate with the rest of the personnel to guarantee a seamless security system. Unauthorised persons are not permitted to exit with a child unless they have received written permission from our teachers.




The Nova Pioneer School Group for Innovators and Leaders is building and operating world-class, affordable schools across the continent. Operating in South Africa and Kenya, we are constantly making quality private education accessible, expanding and building a school near you. See here our current list of schools in South Africa. We live up to our culture principle of “Always Growing” and have been reaching many milestones. In 2018 we acquired a Boksburg-based infant centre and preschool and in 2023 we are launching two new secondary schools


What and how will my child be taught?


Play is the highest form of research said Albert Einstein; we have adopted the pedagogy of play which aligns with our cultural principle “joy of learning.” The pedagogy of play is a method of integrating children’s play experiences with curricular learning, allowing students to solve new and current problems on their own. Our curriculum is founded upon the world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach to early education. Reggio-inspired programs emphasise the importance of creating a joyful and safe learning environment while ensuring that every child receives individualised interactions from caregivers and teachers.

Nova Pioneer is a compassionate community where students and teachers care deeply about each other. There’s a real intent, across all campuses, to foster ethical, responsible, and caring young people through the integration of our culture principles. The intent is to ensure that all students feel safe, valued, and welcome.

Nova Pioneer Pre-primary is now even more affordable and has better value. From 2023, we are reducing tuition by up to 20%! Read more about our offering here.

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